Political Video Production

How much does it cost on average to create a political ad? 

If you go through an advertising firm, the skyrocketing cost can range from 10k - 50k+ just for producing, writing and editing a one minute political commercial. That's not including the 25k to 100k for other video production costs. 

We are offering the solution to that problem. We can do much more for much less for Patriotic productions. We are able to produce one minute, high quality and complete commercials for as little as 5k.

If we have other production cost, such as needing to purchase stock footage or hire a video photographer and audio person for a commercial shoot, that will usually cost between 2k - 3k. That amount would be added to the 5k. 

We look forward to providing you cutting-edge, high quality political commercials, with outstanding and creative content at an affordable price.


Successful businessman JJ Flash and 1st place AP award winner Goldie, understand that political video marketing has become the one of the most efficient ways to reach constituents.

Now more than ever, political campaign videos are crucial for social media and for broadcasting on television to target the right demographic audience for political success. We can bring your candidate or story to life!

We understand that first impressions are extremely important especially in the political arena. 

Contact JJ Flash and Goldie, who will produce, write and edit creative political commercials that will make a positive impact on campaigns at a cost-effective price.

We offer high-end political commercials in both English and in Spanish to reach your target audience. 

We use the best digital media equipment including editing with Adobe Premiere Pro that is the industry-leading software for film, TV and the web.

Political Commercial | You're One Of Us 

This brilliantly written, produced and edited political commercial is an example of what we an do for you!


We would love to produce a high quality political commercial for you!

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