Whistleblower: Dirty Trick Squad | Mike Pence & Rod Rosenstein | Deep State's Blackmail Scheme

Updated: Feb 6


Whistleblower SHOCKING testimony on former U.S. Republican Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein's 'Dirty Trick Squad' - gives details about a blackmail scheme used by the Deep State to control politicians and the courts. Video provided by Attorney Lin Wood. According the whistleblower the 'Dirty Trick Squad' was contemplating on how to remove President Trump and that was Rod Rosenstein, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. According the whistleblower the leverage that was held over the head of Mike Pence were acts of pedophila with teenage boys that were recorded. The whistleblower also discusses how the Deep State used Jeffrey Epstein's information for blackmailing purposes and how they would hack people's computers to file fake charges, steal emails and sell information. According to the whistleblower the Deep State was involved in numerous murders and planting dope to drum up fake charges. Attorney Lin Wood who stated earlier today - "Does everyone remember Rod Rosenstein? If not, I will educate you about him and others. If you think you know who he is, you might find that you are wrong. Every lie will be revealed."

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