President Trump’s EO Directly Impacts the Bidens’ Investments in China


President Trump continues to fire back. On Monday Trump issued an Executive Order that prohibits US Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies. Wednesday the President sent an email directly to Speaker Pelosi regarding this same EO (#13959). In his email the President shared that the EO includes the trade of public securities related to China but also derivatives related to these securities. Hunter Biden’s security firm in China is likely affected by this law.

With as concerned as the left has been about a bank account Trump has in China, perhaps they should pay a bit more attention to the fact that Hunter Biden and the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry were operating a venture capital firm with Chinese State-Owned Entities like the Bank of China?

Heinz left the partnership when Hunter and Archer joined the Burisma board, but Hunter still owns 10 percent of BHR through his investment firm, Skaneateles LLC. His share is conservatively valued at $50 million, according to the report.

More than 50% of BHR is owned by the Bank of China (BOC Below):

We also know from documents identified at the Illustrated Primer by Yaacov Apelbaum, that BHR held a Board meeting in March of 2019 where they discussed not only investments, but a strategic decision to ensure their actions were inline with the actions of the Chinese government. Included were the minutes from the January 2019 meeting where Hunter Biden heard the Board discuss the China owned firm investing in AI-related companies and other foreign ventures. Per the minutes:

This appears to be exactly the type of activity that President Trump made sure the Democrats knew are strictly prohibited by his EO this past week.

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